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Corporate Training

Teamwork is everything in dragon boat racing. A synchronized team will always beat a stronger but less coordinated team. This ability is vital in the work place, especially when working with highly diversified talent.

Why choose a dragon boat team-building event?

Dragon boat racing is quickly becoming one of Britain’s most popular corporate team building events. Getting everyone working together and having fun, the smooth running of a dragon boat depends on communication, co-ordination and drive. It is not about individual skills, but everyone working together equally as a team.

Dragon boat racing improves communication and strengthens relationships. It is particularly suitable for keeping large numbers of diverse characters active and involved. You will leave feeling energised and motivated as a team. Click here to make an enquiry. 

What to expect from our sessions

Dragon boat racing is suitable for most levels of fitness, age and skill. We can make this as fun or competitive as you like! 

Each boat can include up to 18 people. Our packages start with a safety briefing on land and basic techniques explained. Our qualified and experienced coaches and helms will guide the teams on the water, taking them through technical pieces and fun games. With larger groups, teams can end their session with some fun races. Sessions last around 2 hours, but this can be extended on request (and is advisable in very large groups).

We supply all equipment, qualified coaches and helms, as well as changing rooms and showering facilities. Click here to make an enquiry.

Want something extra?

Feeling hungry post-training? We are happy to arrange for you a dim sum feast at our most favorite and discounted Yi Ban restaurant 

Need overnight accommodation? We are happy to assist.

Need a conference room? We can get you access.

Click here to make an enquiry.



Hen and stag events

Thinking of doing something challenging, fun and unique? Click here to find out about our stag and hen packages.

Taking part in a charity event?

We are happy to help prepare you with some pre-event training sessions. Click here to find out about multiple session deals.

Why train with us?

Currently second in the premier league, you are in safe and capable hands. We are experienced in training corporate and charity teams for over 10 years, including;

  • The London-Irish rugby team          
  • Holiday Inn                        
  • Accenture                         
  • Barclays Capital
  • OpenText/Hummingbird                             
  • CMC Markets                   
  • BT                                          
  • SunGuard
  • Chinese Association Tower Hamlet         
  • Vodaphone                       
  • Spindrift                              
  • CCC Turtles
  • Windy Pandas                                                  
  • Empire Casino                  
  • YG Holidays                       
  • JP Morgan
  • Chan Neil Solicitors                                         
  • PWC 

But don’t listen to us, hear it from our clients

So, to find out how to get your team to work together in a session, get trained up for an event, or just for good old fun, drop us an email here

  • Accenture have been training with Typhoon since 2009. “Typhoon has been a great influence and we owe our success as a corporate crew competing in races such as our internal company events, The Lions Hong Kong Festival and the Canary Wharf Challenge”
    Accenture - 2009-2014
  • Barclays Capital have been training with Typhoon since 2009. “In 2009, Typhoon trained the first Barclays Capital corporate crew to enter three charity races… In 2010, Barclays Capital 'Dangerous When Wet' team won the Tower Hamlets Rotary Dragon Boat Festival. In 2014, Barclays trained and completed the Thames Great River Race”
    Barclays Capital - 2009, 2010, 2014
  • “The event was absolutely amazing, all people enjoyed the whole afternoon and lot of them asked me when we will do it again. Trainers were very helpful and engaged. Everything went really well… Thank you very much for helping me make this happen”
    Holiday Inn - 2015
  • “We had a blast thanks for organising a great day for us… The instructors were great givingbanter and being able to speak to the guys. We would be delighted to have you guys down for a match!”
    London Irish - 2015
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