Typhoon Awards

Typhoon Trophies


Every year we reward the commitment and dedication shown by our members by having a vote on each other based on different categories.  This is also where we award our coveted Super Typhoon Awards to the winners of the Super Typhoon Event and we may have a few left over trophies for the captain's awards to members that have shown their value to the club.





2015 Presentation


2014 Presentation


2013 Presentation


  • 2015 Winners +

    Best Female Paddler: Kim Tran
    Best Male Paddler: Aaron Robinson
    Most Improved Female: Stephanie Lan
    Most Improved Male: Jose Cortes
    Best Newcomer: Ben Osborne
    Most Valuable Paddler: Katie Tang
    Most Entertaining Paddler: Nick Brookes-Hockings
    Captain's Award: Kim Tran
    Chairman's Award: Amy Wong
    Best Bench Buddy: Edmund Tran
    Best Personised Paddle: Jeffrey Chan
    Worst Time Keeper: Fai Yip
    Proudest Typhoon: Aaron Robinson
    Best Race Face: Martin Wong

    Super Typhoon: Katja Klug

  • 2014 Winners +

    Best Female Paddler: Katja Klug
    Best Male Paddler: William Tran
    Most Improved Female: Hoi-Yan Chan
    Most Improved Male: Aaron Robinson
    Most Inspiring: Kim Tran
    Most Valuable Paddler: Jai Patel
    Most Entertaining Paddler: Nick Brookes-Hockings
    Captain's Award: Hoi-Yan Chan
    Chairman's Award: Katie Tang
    Best Bench Buddy: Tanyel Salman
    Best Race Face: Fay Yong

    Super Typhoon: William Tran

  • 2013 Winners +

    Best Female Paddler: Katja Klug
    Best Male Paddler: Ian Rains
    Most Improved Female: Katie Tang
    Most Improved Male: Jason Horsnell
    Best Newcomer: Navin Singh
    Most Valuable Paddler: Yin-Ting Lo
    Most Entertaining Paddler: Ashar Shah
    Committee's Award: Fai Yip
    Chairman Award: Marina Mok

    Special 10th Anniversary Awards

    Winning Spirit: Andrew Liu
    Best Guns: Alan To
    Paddler of the Decade: Kim Tran
    Best Friend of Typhoon: Marina Mok
    Lifetime Achievement: Shun-Ping Chan

    Super Typhoon: Ashar Shah

  • 2012 Winners +

    Best Male Paddler: Eric Chan
    Best Female Paddler: Kim Tran
    Most Improved Male: Jai Patel
    Most Improved Female: Katja Klug
    Most Inspiring Paddler: James Lum
    Most Valuable Paddler: Ian Rains
    Best Helm: Ian Rains
    Best Newcomer:
     Kenneth Law
    Most Valuable Paddler: Cambria Minott-Gaines
    Worst Excuse for not paddling: Laura Farmer
    Most Memorable Incident: Iain Fryer Venice Photo
    Most Entertaining Member: Iain Fryer
    Biggest Poser: Alan To
    Biggest Mouth: Laura Farmer
    Most Photogenic: Yin-ting Lo
    Committee's Award: Ian Rains
    Super Typhoon: Esther Berghauser

  • 2011 Winners +

    Best Male Paddler: Sam Lee
    Best Female Paddler: Kim Tran
    Best Helm: Andrew Cheung
    Most Improved Male: Iain Fryer
    Most Improved Female: Cambria Minott-Gaines
    Most Inspiring Paddler: Kim Tran
    Most Valuable Paddler: Alan To
    Hottest Paddler: Pete Rhodes
    Worst Excuse for not paddling: Laura Farmer
    Most Memorable Incident/Quote: Joe Wong "We're going to wiiiiin...."
    Committee's Award: Jay Truong
    Super Typhoon: Joyceline

  • 2010 Winners +

    Best Male Paddler: Shun-Ping Chan
    Best Female Paddler: Phan Truong
    Most Improved Male: Michael Wong
    Most Improved Female: Ling Nim
    Most Inspiring Paddler: Pete Rhodes
    Most Improved 01 Paddler: Pete Rhodes
    Best Quote: Chinh Truong "Eyes should always be in the boat"
    Most Valuable Paddler: Alan To
    Hottest Body: Marion Yau
    Worst Excuse for not paddling: Alan To
    Committee's Award: Laura Farmer
    Super Typhoon: Kate Griffin

  • 2009 Winners +

    Typhoon Best Male Paddler: Daniel Chin
    Typhoon Best Female Paddler: Phan Truong
    Fury Best Male: Oscar Che
    Fury Best Female: Pauline Lock
    Most Dedicated: Andrew Cheung
    Most Improved Male: Chinh Truong
    Most Improved Female: Yin-Ting Lo
    Recognition Award: Daniel Crisp
    Most memorable Quote/Memories: Meme Ly
    Captains Award: Michael Quain
    Captains Award: Richie Wang

  • 2008 Winners +

    Best Male Paddler: Wai-Hung Shum
    Best Female Paddler: Kalai Ramachandran
    Most Committed: Alan To
    Most Memorable: Jeremy Lee
    Super Tigers Award: Alan To, Patrick Chong-See, Edwin Cheung, Andrew Liu
    Captains Awards - Website: Alan To
    Captains Awards - Dedication: Andrew Cheung

  • 2007 Winners +

    Best Male Paddler: Andrew Liu
    Best Female Paddler: Chi Li
    Most Memorable: Jeremy Lee
    Super Tigers Award: Peter Ng, Andrew Liu
    Most Committed: Ping Chan

  • 2006 Winners +

    Best Male Paddler: Kin Ho
    Best Female Paddler: Claire McDonald
    Most Memorable: Pete Ng (Smelly Foot Award)
    Super Tigers Award: Adrian Li and Daniel Chin
    Captains Awards: Adrian Li and Kin Ho
    Most Committed: Alan To 

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